Urban Night Project                                                   

Midnight Sun

What makes life in the vertical city so enticing, so seductive,

yet also so heavily contested?

Midnight Sun samples how the vertical city is experienced, imagined and sustained through an intimate examination

of its everynight spaces and the technologies of night.

In London, real-estate speculation shapes the character of the built environment in ways that in recent years have taken on an intensely vertical form. Emblazoning the vertical fantasy and grounding it within an exhibition, Midnight Sun re-presents and re-configures the nocturnal city through photography, digital media and installations in dialogue with research materials that are drawn from the familiarly-strange encounters with verticality in everyday life. Midnight Sun is an experiment

in reckoning with the entangled hi/stories of life in the nocturnal city.

Midnight Sun runs from May 6th to June 12th and is open Thursday to Saturday from 12-6 pm. Booking is required, please visit blacktowerprojects.com to plan your visit. This project has been generously supported by Leverhulme Trust, Queen Mary University Of London, Royal College Of Art, Theatrum Mundi

and the University of East Anglia.

Black Tower Broadcasts: Skyline Walking

In conjunction with the exhibition, we invite you to participate in artist Alisa Oleva’s accumulative video archive Skyline Walking. This is an invitation to walk the city skyline at night and contribute to a collective video walkthrough cities all over the world, from London to Kyiv, from Tunis to Seoul.

Visit blacktowerprojects.com/broadcasts to take part.