Rut Blees Luxemburg, artist

Is an artist whose work deals with the representation of the city and the phenomenon of luminosity.

Her photographs are held in many public and private collections including Tate, the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, and the Pompidou, Paris.

She is Reader in Urban Aesthetics at the Royal College of Art.

Felicity Hammond, artist

Is an artist and educator based in London.

She completed her MA in Photography at the Royal College of Art in 2014 and is currently completing TECHNE funded research in the Contemporary Art Research Centre at Kingston University on digital representations of the built environment and their relationship with site.

Casper Laing Ebbensgaard, urban geographer

Is Lecturer in Human Geography at University

of East Anglia. His research explores the affective and aesthetic politics of the urban night, particularly in relation to high-rise architecture and how people come to inhabit the vertical city.

Alexander Hill, architect

Is a London-based architect. He is an Associate at David Chipperfield Architects and has been involved in a diverse range of projects over the last decade from public buildings to housing. He has an interest in engaging with the subject of architecture across multiple disciplines, including visual art and writing.

Regan Koch, urban geographer

Is Lecturer in Geography at Queen Mary University of London. His research interests include urban public culture, collective life and the representation and imagination of cities. He is currently working on a book called The Public Life of Cities and is coeditor of Key Thinkers on Cities (Sage 2017).

Michael Salu, writer

Is a writer and critic. His fiction and non-fiction have appeared in many literary journals, magazines and art publications. He is also an award-winning creative director and artist. He lives in Berlin.

Sam Creasey, painter

Is a painter who uses his employed life in delivery logistics as an influence bank and as a psychgeographical adventure into the lives and localities of various microcosms of city life. The resulting paintings often appear jaded, jagged and uncanny like the steel, concrete and glass that make up the metropolis. 

Nick Dunn, urban design

Is Executive Director of Imagination, the design and architecture research lab at Lancaster University where he is also Professor of Urban Design. He is the founding Director of the Dark Design Lab, author of Dark Matters (Zero, 2016) and co-editor of Rethinking Darkness (Routledge, 2020). 

Chooc Ly Tan, dj and artist

sets out to create new visions of reality by suverting systems and/or tools we use to understand the world around us - concepts and methodolgies from physics, politics and music. Her work spans across moving image, DJ sets and club nights and has recently been shown at CCA/EdUHK in Hong Kong and Kunsthall Oslo. 

Satu Streatfield, lighting designer

Is a lighting designer and general night time enthusiast. She is Associate Director for Night Time and Lighting at Publica, a London-based urban design and public realm practice, and a freelance lighting designer working across art, architecture, design, and site-specific, immersive theatre.

Jordan Rowe, urban researcher

Is a writer, curator and researcher on urban culture, heritage and identities. He is currently working

on a joint project as Urbanist in Residence at

the Museum of London and as a Research Fellow

at Theatrum Mundi, investigating the potential relationship between a planned new Museum

in West Smithfield and the city's nocturnal socialities. 

Adam Glibbery, artist

Is an artist who lives and works in London.

His work concerns the intersection between photography, printmaking and painting. 

Through a layering and engraving of surfaces 

his works investigate the complexities of looking

in order to produce abstractions of daily life. 

Edu Torres, photographer

Is an artist whose work engages with ideas of class, sociality and everyday life. Through intimate engagement with subjects his photographs question the spatial politics of social categorisation. He graduated from The Royal College Of Art in 2018.

Dr John Bingham-Hall, sonic urbanist

Is an urbanist with a background in music. He is Director of Theatrum Mundi where he leads programmes on cultural infrastructure, sonic urbanism, urban commons, and the choreography of urban mobility.

Alisa Oleva, artist

Is an artist working in the spaces of the city, exploring urban choreography and urban archaeology, traces and surfaces, borders and inventories, intervals and silences, passages and cracks. Her projects have manifested as a series of interactive situations, performances, movements scores, personal and intimate encounters, parkour, walkshops, and audio walks.

Daniel Wilkinson AKA NIFF Books

Is a publication research artist and project curator. Daniel sees his process as a living classroom, and

a collaborative platform for curating, writing, publishing and where curiosity is allowed to build relationships that serve as an inspiration and social experiences.

Lo Marshall, urban gender studies

Is an urban geographer researching gender and sexuality. As Research Fellow on the transdisciplinary collaboration Night spaces: migration, culture and InteraTion in Europe, Lo's research explores how night spaces are dynamically produced, imagined, experienced and narrated by LTBGQ+ communities in London.